Bijoux Indescrets Aphrodisia Intimate Massage Gel

Aphrodisia Intimate Massage Gel

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Aphrodisia Intimate Massage Gel

100ml Bottle 

2-in-1 silicone gel, perfect for massages, ideal for pleasure. Perfumed with the exclusive and aphrodisiacal essence of Bijoux Indiscrets and designed to heighten intimate pleasure.

Aphrodisia 2 in 1 silicone gel is uniquely sensuous with the exclusive Bijoux Indiscrets fragrance inspired by a secret recipe in the Kama Sutra. Irresistible for a good massage and perfect as a lubricant. Its silicone based formula is long-lasting and insoluble, allowing you to enjoy endless loving caresses, even underwater.

An aphrodisiac fragrance
Aphrodisia, the exclusive aphrodisiac fragrance by Bijoux Indiscrets. ts formula, which was creates exclusively for Bijoux Indiscrets, is a subtle and sensual perfume that combines roses, jasmine and ylang ylang. 
The formula is based on silicone allowing the product to have a longer duration and its 100ml multiply by 4 as you will use a much less amount than you would with a conventional oil or intimate gel.
1 product that does double duty
The formula and pleasant texture make it ideal for massages or use as an intimate gel. It can be used on intimate areas and with latex and condoms. DO NOT use with silicone toys.
Quality Guarantee
Our products are made in Spain. They are 100% vegan (no animal-derived products), have not been tested on animals and contain no parabens. The levels of fragrance are low so there is no risk of allergy. 
Your sense of smell controls your pleasure
When this gel comes in contact with the skin, it warms up and releases its potent aroma, creating an atmosphere that is perfect for games couples can play together.
Alone or in company?
2 in 1 Aphrodisia is perfect for massages with your partner or for you to enjoy alone.
Underwater pleasure
This gel does not dissolve in water making it the perfect ally for your moments of pleasure in the water
Your skin as smooth as silk
Respectful of the skin and very agreeable to touch, its formula will
make your skin feel as smooth as silk. It is NOT edible.
9 out of 10 will surrender
Its sensual aroma is unisex and 9 out of 10 people who try it love it. The ingredients are natural aphrodisiacs, enhancing attraction.